May 24th

Wednesday May 24th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I got up feeling bad so after breakfast I went back to bed for awhile.  I went out to the assembly for a few minutes to see the women who had come to sew curtains for the assembly.  We went out to R.V.A. this afternoon for a picnic and to watch the Rugby game.  Ken had been on restriction for one day because he had gone into the girls dorm lounge to get a drink of water.  Carol Barnett was the one who gave it to him.  Mr. Day was teasing him about it.  He told us that we had better watch him if he ever really starting dating the girls.  Ken told us that on flower day he gave Sue Ellen a flower and she gave him one.  R.V.A. won 4 to 3 with Lenana today.  They won in the last few minutes.

I hope Mom did get to feeling better.  Perhaps the thing that helped her along was seeing evidence of her labor with the ladies and the curtain project.

Mom and Dad showing up at R.V.A. was cause for great excitement on the campus.  Mom always did things with style so when she brought a picnic it was a banquet.  I always seemed to pick up a few more friends on picnic nights.

I think the statue of limitations has run out on my crime so I guess I can confess now.  Carol did tempt me with a cool drink and I fell to temptation.  I was not near the innocent bystander that my subsequent confession to Mr. Day portrayed me to be.  I am sure I told him that I heard a plaintive cry for help and rushed headlong into danger to rescue the unfortunate heedless of the punishment which was sure to follow.  Mr. Day’s prediction proved to be something of a prophecy in my later life but that is another story.

A flower for Ken from Sue Ellen, she was the lady of my dreams during my junior year in high school.  I tried all year to strike up a romance with this young lady but she withstood my advances like a rock.  Ends up she starts dating one of my best buddies during our senior year and Ken was left jilted and alone on the steps of Kiambogo porch.  However, just like a phoenix from the ashes Ken later met and married the lovely Cindy Watson Duncan and now lives his dream in Tennessee!

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