May 23rd

Sunday May 23rd, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
We let George have the day off today hoping he would attend church.  Jean and Timmy Law had lunch with us for Maxine was up in Nairobi.  This afternoon we drove over to the airport for a coke and snack.  We like to have never gotten across to the waiter what we wanted.  Afterwards we drove through one of the African villages.  Their life seems so simple compared to our way of living.  After church we went home with the Travis’s for cake and ice cream.  Our children enjoyed playing together while the adults talked.  It was good to sit on real American furniture for a change.  We got a letter from Helen and Hilda Mills which we enjoyed very much.  The Travis family joined our church today.

Mom and Dad were always on task.  They knew that God had called them to Africa to win the lost and they went about it with determination.  Mom was always ready to provide meals when anyone needed it and I am sure that both Jean and Timmy were glad to dine at our table rather that eat their own cooking.

Ordering out in Kenya was somewhat of an ordeal.  Cultural differences make for strange outcomes sometimes.  This reminds me of the time I ordered a coke and ice at one of the main hotels in the capitol city.  When I got the beverage it was hot and the glass held two ice cubes that were rapidly melting in the heat.  I asked the waiter for more ice and he informed me that two cubes were more than enough for anyone and went on his way.

The busy workday world of the American would seem as chaos to the average Kenyan.  As I try to fit this and that into my crazy schedule I wonder if the African may have had the idea after all.

Fellowship among missionaries is one of the key things to making life a joy on the field.  The friends you make in the heat of “battle” are the ones that stay with you for life.

Hearing from home was always a joy in our lives.  So if you know any missionaries and you care the least bit about them drop them a line on occasion.  I will take my own advice and email my brother when this is posted.

1 thought on “May 23rd

  1. Aunt Margie

    Fellowship among missionaries brings such memories. The relationship is so family. It’s like a family reunion when we can be together. Love that family!
    Aunt Margie

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