May 22nd

Tuesday May 22nd, 1979
Limuru and Ngulia Lodge
This morning we left Limuru at about 6:30am.  We stopped at Hunter’s Lodge and had a cup of coffee and some banana bread that I brought along.  We got to the lodge about 12 o’clock and had lunch soon afterwards.  They had braised oxtail or cold cuts so we choose the cold cuts.  After lunch we rested until 4 o’clock and then went out to see the animals.  About 5:30 the gear shift had something to go wrong and couldn’t shift gears.  We drove in second all the way to the Kilaguni lodge.  M.G. and Buck fixed something with a piece of wire but it didn’t hold for while we were in 3rd gear it slipped again so we drove all the way to Ngulia in 3rd gear.  This wasn’t much of a problem though.  The manager here at the hotel says that he has a good mechanic so we hope he will be able to fix it in the morning.  The supper here was not too bad-something like Swiss steak, French fries, peas, and rhubarb pie.  We had fruit and soup as first courses.

It seems my folks were taking another trip without son number two to tag along.  I do not regret the fact that I missed the choice between oxtail and cold cuts.

It also seems that they had some car trouble along the way.  I never cease to be amazed at what my Dad can fix with bailing wire!  I like the way that it was not a big problem if you could only drive in 3rd gear.  Ends up the manager did know a good mechanic and he was able to get them up and running the next day.  I thought I would tell you that so you would not think them stranded in the wilds of Africa to this day.

I am really glad that I was not at the supper table tonight to delve into “something like Swiss steak”.  I will leave the real identity of this “mystery” meat to the reader’s imagination.  I would be willing to bet real money that the folks tanked up on that first course of soup and fruit!

1 thought on “May 22nd

  1. Bob Allen

    One day, collecting new missionaries at the Nairobi airport, I had to drive all the way from the airport to Brackenhurst (@35 miles and a climb of 2000 feet in altitude) in a pickup in which only 2nd gear worked — the clutch had gone out so I couldn’t even disengage the transmission at traffic lights (“robots” to you southern Africa folks). I went Outer Ring Rd to avoid downtown but that entailed lots of matatu traffic. It was a great introduction to Africa for the new missionaries.

    Bob Allen

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