May 21st

Saturday May 21st, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
Ken didn’t come home today for he entered a car in the Pine-Wood Derby.  We went out after lunch for the rugby game.  R.V.A. beat Thika 39 to 7.  We came home after our picnic supper.  Glen Laffoon and Tommy Jones ate with us.  M.G. and I had some ice cream with the Rheas.  M.G. and I looked at soccer on T.V. and then watched the late movie.  M.G.’s Bible school for the preachers closed today.

R.V.A. for all its faults was really a great place to go to school.  They had activities planned for nearly every Saturday that would keep you busy if you were not fortunate enough to have a home nearby.  Today was Pine-Wood derby day.  I had entered my car called “The Running Nose”.  Unfortunately for me the proboscis phoneme did not fare to well on the track and met an untimely end when it leaped the raceway and smashed to bits long before the finish line.

My high school had a great sports tradition and rugby was the premier sport of choice for all sport minded young men.  However since I was slower than molasses running uphill in the winter I stayed on the sidelines like a nerd and cheered them to victory.  There is a rest of the story though, when I came back to Africa from my first year of college I played in the annual alumni rugby match.  I have the distinction of being on the first alumni team to beat the schools starting squad in the history of R.V.A.  Ahh! The glory days of old!

Mom and Dad looking at soccer on T.V. reminded me of a funny story that happened to us one evening at the house.  We were all sitting around the T.V. ready to watch a British soccer Cup Tie match.  Dad asked Alan what a Cup Tie was.  Our house helper at the time was watching the game with us and popped up with this answer before Alan could say a word.  He said,”Bwana, the captain, he is the leader of the team!”  Needless to say Alan and I doubled over laughing and Peter never knew what was so funny.

1 thought on “May 21st

  1. Beth-Ann

    The “Cup Tie”. Duh, of course that’s the captain! hahahaha!! That is so funny! Shame, poor Peter probably to this day doesn’t know what in the world he was being mocked over. Those mean MK’s…

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