May 20th

Friday May 20th, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning Molly came up to tell us about their thief that they had last night.  Someone stole the sheets from her bed by putting a hook on a pole and sticking it through the window.  They were in the front part of the house at the time it was taking place in the back bedroom.  It was funny to hear of their experience with the police concerning the thief.  Ralph Bethea and family came through here on a visit.  They stayed in the Tipton house.  We went to youth fellowship tonight.  Some of the boys put on a play about the “Good Samaritan”.  They did real well.

African ingenuity sometimes boggles the mind.  Who would have thought to stick a hook through a window and steal sheets?  I am just glad that the Houser’s were not hurt and got a chance to relate the story of the investigation to us at a later time.

Sometimes pictures and sounds speak more clearly than I can explain.  I can’t be sure but I would say the investigation went something like this.

Africans are a very intelligent people, and because they have had to depend on the spoken word for so long they are accomplished actors and can really make a story speak volumes when given the chance.  I am sure that this rendition of the “Good Samaritan” was no exception.

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