May 19th

Sunday May 19th, 1968
Clinton and Knoxville
This morning we went to church at Wallace Memorial in Knoxville with Mary and B.J.  I sat in the S.S. class with Helen Keith Kosier.  Alan said that he spoke in the Jr. Assembly.  We had lunch in Powell with M.G.’s mother and the Sexton family.  They had cooked entirely too much.  Tonight M.G. spoke at Black Oak.  We lined our slides up before going to church, but after getting there realized that one box was in wrong so we had to sort them again while they were singing.  This really “shook” us.

Furlough or stateside assignment as they now call it was to be a whirlwind for the Duncan’s.  I don’t know the lady that Mom is referring to but I am sure that this was the one and only time she ever sat in a Sunday school class.  Dad and Mom usually had all Sundays and Wednesdays booked before we ever touched ground in the USA.  They would then move on to schedule speaking times for the other days of the week.  Sometimes Mom and Dad would go to different churches because we had so many that wanted to hear them speak.

I am sure that the Sexton family just wanted to make sure that we got our fill of good American home cooking on our first Sunday in the states.

Black Oak Baptist was Mom’s home church so I am sure they wanted to make a good impression on the congregation.  Sorting slides on the fly soon became second nature as we moved from church to church.  Some of the pictures you have seen in this blog are taken directly from slides we showed to churches across our land.

During the course of the next few months I am sure we will get the chance to relate some choice furlough stories.

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