May 17th

Thursday May 17th, 1979
Embu and Nanyuki
This morning we left the Scales house about 8:30 and got here to Nanyuki at the Weyrick’s house about 10:00am.  Ed and M.G. went to the dairy to get some things for Bonnie, but no one was there.  So they went back downtown to get some eggs for Bonnie needed to make mayonnaise.  She had tuna fish salad for lunch.  While downtown M.G. saw one of the high schools boys who was in Mombasa when we were there.  He works in a bank.  Too, M.G. saw some good catsup so he bought me 5 jars.  After lunch we (M.G., Ed, and I) drove to Isiolo to look at a house that the AG’s have for sale.  It is a pre-fab house.  We are needing one for the Dillmans at Narok.  We think that it would be too expensive to move this one.  Too, I think the Africans would have a hard time putting it back together once it was taken down.  We spent the night in their guest house.  It was comfortable but it is very cold up here.  The wind off Mt. Kenya is very cold.  We could see Mt. Kenya very clearly on our way to Isiolo.

Learning to live in Africa is an acquired talent.  The very first thing you have to learn is things happen on their own time.  Sometimes I think that we American’s should and would be willing to trade the hustle and bustle of our frenetic lives to slow down and smell the roses.  However, that being said I know my folks were glad the mayonnaise got made for that is a major ingredient in tuna salad.

I know Dad was proud to see one of his high school boys doing well.  Good catsup means American catsup and to find it in Nanyuki of all places.  We did not let it set on the shelf long for 5 jars were all they had.

It is nice to see different denominations working and playing together nicely.  The AG’s or Assembly of God folks evidently had a house for sale.  I am sure that the only thing that would cause the African workers to have a hard time was the lack of directions in Swahili.  On the other hand if you have lived without lights and running water things like plumbing and electricity would cause you a bit of angst also!

Mt. Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya.  As you can see from the picture it has snow on it all year round.  I have climbed this mountain to the highest point you can reach without ropes. (Point Lenana 16,355ft)  During the ascent when we made base camp at 10,000ft I hung my socks on the tent rope to dry during the night.  When I woke up the next morning they were frozen solid to the rope.  I left them and they are most likely still there frozen to the tent rope on the equator in Kenya.

1 thought on “May 17th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    I think R.T. and Alex want to hike Mt. Kenya just to look for your socks! 🙂

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