May 15th

Saturday, May 15th, 1965
Tanga, Tanzania
M.G. and Gene did the errands for the mission today while Maxine and I stayed home with the children.  The boys enjoyed playing with Tim.  There was a tree house nearby in the yard.  I enjoyed looking at the magazines here at the Manis’ house, and copied several recipes.  It was good to sleep on an American bed last night, and to have access to a “big refrigerator”.  This afternoon we drove down to the library and reading room that our mission has here.  We went on driving and met an American lady who is out here with the Lutheran Mission.  She is from Minnesota.  We had coke and cookies with her.  We played 42 tonight with Gene and Maxine, Gene and I won!

One of the many things that I have noticed while doing this blog is that my folks seldom kept normal nine to five workdays.  Today was Saturday and Dad is off doing some kind of mission errand.  I am sure if you were to ask him how come this happened his answer would be, God called me to spread the Good News but did not say just during the hours of nine to five on weekdays.  Once again my Mom’s diaries remind me to be about my Father’s business.

Growing up in Africa was not that different than growing up here in the states except for the fact that joining you in the tree house were sometimes monkeys, mambas, or other wild mammals.

We eagerly devoured any publication that came from the US.  The only other places that I have visited that have magazines that were just as outdated are doctor and dentist offices.

When you get up tonight and go to your “big” refrigerator for a snack before going back to your “American” bed remember to say a prayer for that missionary who has followed God’s call and is doing without one or both.

I was introduced to the game of 42 when we hit the shores of Africa.  Since being stateside I have not ever seen or heard of this game being played.  While in Africa this hotly contested game played with dominos was all the rage at every mission meeting I ever attended.

1 thought on “May 15th

  1. Aunt Margie

    I think you have to go to Texas to find 42 games in this country.

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