May 14th

Wednesday May 14th, 1980
Knoxville, Tennessee
We took Alan, Andrea, and Ken into U.T. and we had breakfast at Smokey’s place with them.  It was great being with them again.  We saw Davey Hooten.  M.G. and I stopped at the grocery store and got some breakfast food for our house.  We went to a covered dish supper tonight at Black Oak Baptist.  I saw Dad while there for the first time since he didn’t come to the airport last night.  Alan spoke at the FCA at Oak Ridge tonight.  We stayed at George and Betty’s while he was there speaking.

I do not know where this tradition got started but it seems that whenever any of my family arrives from overseas we always go somewhere to get a bite to eat.  I am not saying I dislike the practice, just that somewhere along the line it has become tradition.  In a few month’s my brother will be arriving to give his eldest daughters hand in marriage and I guarantee we will eat out the moment his feet his terra firma!

David Hooten was one of my brother’s best friends in high school and on into college.  They were both involved in many high jinks during their early years of higher learning.  Alan or Davy can elaborate if they are so inclined!

The first grocery store trip upon arriving from Africa was always a highlight.  I can still remember wandering the isles in amazement at all the choices available for the average consumer.

Looks like my folks were involved in another tradition later that evening, that great Baptist invention the covered dish supper.  I am sure this was a poignant time for Mom as she realized this might be the last trip this side of heaven she would see her Dad alive.  When you are serving God on the foreign field you get out of your comfort zone in a fairly quick.  I know that for me it has taught me to always look to the eternal and not just the temporal for my reward.

I am sure while Alan was waxing eloquent on UT football and life both on and off the field, Mom and Dad were enjoying just catching up with my Uncle George and Aunt Betty.  Dad and George were brothers and stayed close until just recently when Uncle George passed away.  I am sure given the chance my Aunt Betty could tell us a thing or three about my Mom.

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