May 12th

Saturday May 12th, 1979
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went into Nairobi to pick up Ken’s new lens for his glasses, his golf clubs that he was having shortened, and some slides.  He got back fairly early for he was having a meeting with the E.C. of the association.  He took out of the meeting long enough to come home for lunch.  Then he went back.  I went to the Limuru market this morning.  Ken played volleyball with the Rosslyn Retreat crowd that was here on the hill.  They thought that he was a great player so this pleased him.  Tonight we watched T.V.  It come a hard rain.

Convenience was not the by word in Kenya.  Nairobi was the largest town near us that was even close to modern.  If you wanted to have anything fixed like glasses or golf clubs it was a 50 something mile round trip that at times could take several hours.  Evidently today things worked out right and Dad just spent most of the morning in town.  If I would have been him I would have stayed in town long enough to miss the E.C. (Executive Council) meeting.  However, Dad knew he could contribute to this meeting so he came back and spent the large part of the day behind doors.

Mom went to the local market during the morning hours to get some fresh vegetables for our supper.

Ken wowed his former middle school teachers with his volleyball skills to the point where they thought he was a “great” player.  Alan would most likely question their judgment here because at the time he was “the athlete of the family”.  I am sure I will have a chance to relate this inside joke in a later post.

I recall Saturday nights being fairly good nights on TV by Kenyan standards so we enjoyed the shows until almost 11:30pm where the network shut down.

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