May 11th

Saturday May 11th, 1968
Stockholm and Copenhagen
We got into Copenhagen about 4 o’clock.  The SAS airlines had us reservations at the Royal Hotel. It was very nice.  Also, they gave us tickets to get into the Tivoli, and a ticket to eat our supper in the Tivoli.  The boys rode several of the rides.  M.G. and I rode the roll-a-coaster, and the Ferris wheel with them.  They enjoyed the fun-house very much so we just let them stay in there for quite awhile.  We watched the fireworks from our hotel window.  We were on the 17th floor.  We had very good seats on our flight to Copenhagen.  When we arrived there it was very cold.

I was just about 8 years old when we went through Copenhagen.  I can still remember staying at the Royal Hotel.  This was one of the first hotels we stayed at that had a mini-bar in the rooms.  Although Alan and I did not try any of the drinks I seem to remember getting in trouble for eating some 15$ peanuts.  After looking at the link for the Royal Hotel I can see Alan and I were not the only ones to try the peanuts!

The Tivoli was a welcome break in our travels.  Mom and Dad knew they had a winner in the fun house because once we left it we were dog tired.  I still recall watching those fireworks from the hotel window.  It is really a neat thing to be above some of the rockets when they go off.  Knowing my Mom she would have rather stayed on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the hotel, but probably humored Dad and us boys when we wanted the upper rooms.

We were coming back from Africa at the time and we did not have any cold weather clothes to speak of because we had lived for 3 years on the coast.  Judging from my brother’s picture in yesterdays post we would not have kept our clothes on if we had had them.

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