May 10th


Monday May 10th, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
We got some mail off this morning before M.G. went to town.  I went over and had tea with Mrs. Crayston.  For lunch I fried some okra, and made my first cornbread in Africa.  It stuck to the pan and made a mess.  Judy Crayston came over this afternoon and played with the boys.  Alan immediately wanted to have “Tea time” with Judy.  M.G. made his first hospital visit today.  One of the African boys from the high school is in the T.B. hospital.  We had station meeting with Ray and Imogene.  James Hampton was there.  We took the Laws with us.  George kept the children.

Keeping in touch with loved ones at home is always important on the field.  We knew how much we enjoyed hearing from America so we tried to make a point to keep our relatives up to date on our business in Kenya.

The first African cornbread was a less than a resounding success.  However all was not a total loss because you have to crumble up the cornbread to put it in milk.

Ms. Crayston must have been one of our neighbors that lived close by.  Alan immediately wanted to throw down a spread not just to entertain but because he knew some of Mom’s cooking would be in the offing!

Looks like George the house helper got babysitting duties again tonight.  I am sure Alan and I started early with some wild scheme to stay up later than normal.

2 thoughts on “May 10th

  1. Bruno Crayston


    You mention a ms Crayston and I am myself a Crayston of the French branch of the family…
    Any chance to contact the Crayston you tell about ?

    Take care,

  2. margiesmanna

    I was about 4 years old at the time Mom was writing this entry. I will speak with my Dad and some of the other missionaries and see if we can find out something.

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