May 9th

Saturday May 9th, 1970
Limuru, Kenya
We stayed home all day today and tried to get our house in order.  M.G. ran wires to the speakers in the boy’s room and put the antenna up for the radio.  M.G. fixed the old Arab door so that it would stay open.  We built our first fire in the fireplace today.  Alan and Kenny went swimming at the Donalson’s house.  It was in a lake, and I was really worried about them.  They claimed that it was free of bell hartsy.  I let Robert off this afternoon and asked him to come in tomorrow morning and do the dishes and help us get off to Nairobi.  He wants to ride down with us.

We had just moved into our temporary quarters in Brackenhurst.  The compound that we stayed at in Tigoni was an old colonial golf club.  The mission purchased it and we made it the focal point for language school, mission meeting, and large gatherings.  Right outside the door of our house was the old practice putting green.  You only have to use your imagination to guess what a great touch football field this made.

Alan and Kenny go swimming in the lake.  I know there were probably real dangers lurking in those limpid depths; however the worst thing I ever encountered was a dead frog.  Mom on the other hand was worried we would drown and catch bell hartsy aka bilharzias as we were dying.  Mom got extra stars in her crown for putting up with the Duncan boys.

Evidently Robert has some business in Nairobi the same time we did so he hitched a ride to town with us.

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