May 8th

Thursday May 8th, 1980

Limuru, Kenya
We got up this morning to no electricity.  It was off from 6 o’clock last night.  We weren’t able to get Charlie at 6 o’clock as planned.  M.G. tried hooking up his generator but it wouldn’t give enough power.  Mamaw, M.G. and I went to Nairobi.  We parked at the Intercontinental Hotel.  We went to get Mamaw’s picture made for her alien registration.  Then we went to Sabena to pick up our tickets to go to America.  We ate lunch at the Tin-Tin.  We sat with Bill Curp and Linda Rice.  As we were going in we saw President Moi leaving the Conference Center.  We had electricity for a few minutes this afternoon.  Tonight I copied recipes for Andrea and Alan.

Sometimes I felt like living in Kenya was similar to living on “Gilligan’s Island”.  Dad tried to work out a solution but evidently we needed “Mr. Scott from Star Trek”.

Mamaw Duncan (pictured earlier in post) stayed several months with us in Kenya.  I am sure she would never have thought she would spend time in Africa during her later years.  Mamaw was the adventurous sort so I am sure the chance just came and she jumped at it.  The Kenyan people revere old age so she was somewhat of a celebrity and enjoyed that status while she was there.

If one where to ask me about the most prevalent restaurant in the world I would have to say it is Chinese.  In all of the countries I have ever visited you can always seem to find a Chinese restaurant.  The Tin-Tin was one of these establishments.

During my stay in Kenya the political atmosphere was stable for the most part.  I don’t know if I remember a time when I felt threatened or feared for my life due to governmental restrictions.  That cannot be said for all the places that God chooses to place his servants.  So next time you think of your missionary friends remember to pray for them and their well being.

Having eaten at Andrea’s table I can tell you she is a good cook.  I can only hope that Mom was sending these recipes because she asked for them and not because Alan had said “that’s not how Mom made it!”

1 thought on “May 8th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    I would love to have some of your Mom’s recipes if you have any!

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