May 5th

Tuesday May 5th, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
I got up this morning at 6 o’clock and made biscuits for breakfast.  I got M.G. off to Gikuni by 7:30am then later Buck left.  I went out to tea time at 10 o’clock.  I went to the shamba and got some lettuce.  I sent 6 pkgs of cashews to the doctor at Kijabe.  I had gotten them in Malindi.  I went to Mirathu at 1 o’clock.  I picked up Joyce and her load of wood.  Then we went on for Terasia.  We met in a woman’s home where she had given birth to her 13th child.  After our program, they each gave money for her.  There was another lady there with a new baby so I have her 10 shillings.  Pam and Mike Jones left for the U.S. tonight.  His father has had a stroke.  We got a letter from the Lingenfelter’s today.  At the home where we were meeting today, there was a young girl about to have a baby.  I offered to take her to Limuru but she decided to stay there at the house awhile.

Sometimes people ask me what exactly missionaries do.  Here we have an average day in the Duncan household.  Mom rose early to fix breakfast much and get her man on the road.  She had the extra duty of feeding Buck Donalson who was spending the night at our house for some reason.  Most of us would turn on the TV to get weather, (TV in Kenya did not come on till 5:30pm and went off at 11:30pm) turn on the radio to check traffic, (Morning talk shows were in short supply and traffic flyovers were nonexistent) or turn on our computer to catch up on the daily events. (The TRS-80 was out but had not quit made it to Kenya yet)  I am sure she then cleaned the breakfast dishes, picked up around the house, did a load of clothes, and got ready to go out.  The language school for Kenya was on the compound we lived on so the students read missionaries would have a break in their schedule around 10.  She probably went to tea time to catch up on the local happenings in and around the mission.  Then she made a trip to our shamba (garden) to pick some lettuce.  Yes, it is 1981 and my mom is using Swahili in her diary!  You can learn anything if you try.  After sending the care package to Kijabe she started on her to do list for the day.  1. Pick up woman with her load of wood.  Check!  Most wives here in the US miss out on that duty in the morning.  2. Go to a women’s meeting at the house where the 13th child has been born recently.  Check!  Remember we are in Africa so that kid could have been born yesterday or several days ago and I am sure she arrived without the benefits of an ultrasound or doctors.  3.  Give money to another lady with a newborn at an impromptu baby shower.  Check!  4. Get the Jones off to the airport.  Check!  5. Offer to take very pregnant young girl to Limuru and hope she does not take it because you are a little rusty on your delivery skills!  Check!  6. Make it back home to welcome M.G. after a long but purpose filled day.  Check!

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