May 4th

Tuesday May 4th, 1976

Limuru, Kenya
This morning Robert and I fried potato sticks and I made a chocolate cake.  I kept waiting for Alan and his group to come by on their way to Malindi.  They got here at 12 o’clock, so I had them eat here.  I fixed the peppered beef and rice that I had started for our lunch and put the sandwiches and other things together with our meal.  Alan came in saying that Ken was homesick and that he left him crying.  Nancy went out there this afternoon so I sent Ken half of the chocolate cake, some potato sticks, and some pimento cheese sandwiches.  I wrote him a letter and told him if it would help to call us for him to do it.  So about 6 o’clock he called and seemed to be ok.  He was wanting to bring Eric and Dean home with him on Saturday.  This afternoon Bilha and I went to Mahinga to a women’s meeting.  Tonight we had Bible study here at our house.  Actually we prayed more that studied for this morning we heard about Hal Boone’s car accident.  He may be unable to walk anymore.

Mom’s fried potato sticks were legendary.  Dad, the king of experimentation, had somehow purchased a mandoline cutter that was originally used for “Asian” food.  Using this cutter and her know how she turned out some potato sticks that would rival “French’s”!

Alan was going on a weeklong trip that junior and seniors at R.V.A. took each year.  You were given several choices of places to go and could choose which trip you most wanted to take.  More on one of the trips I took will most assuredly follow.  This was probably one of the roughest days in my young life.  I can remember where I was when Alan left campus even today.  I remember that I cried all the way through lunchtime completely missing the meal in the cafeteria.  Knowing R.V.A cuisine as I do, that was not much of a tragedy.  I then proceeded to sleep through most of my afternoon classes because I was so emotionally spent.  The kind words of my dorm parent Mr. Warren Day snapped me out of my funk and by the time the potato sticks and cake arrived I was in a proper mood to enjoy such a feast.

Eric and Dean were two of my high school buddies and I am sure we were looking forward to a day of feasting at the Duncan table come Saturday.

Hindsight being what it is I am almost ashamed to say I had a hard day today when you place it beside Hal Boone’s experience.  Here I am bemoaning the fact that I am homesick all the while walking around on two good legs.  Hal Boone on the other hand suffers the loss of his ability to walk for the rest of his life and yet still continued serve God faithfully for many years to come.  Mom’s diaries still continue to instruct me many years after the author has passed away.

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