May 3rd

Monday, May 3rd, 1965

Mombasa, Kenya
M.G. and I took Alan and Ken to their school today.  I had thought Kenny would cry when we left him but instead a little boy took him by the hand and off they went to look over the place.  It gave me a “lump in the throat” to see my baby son off to school.  Alan had some bad infected sores on his leg and foot today.  The neighbor, Andy’s mother, gave us some medicine and doctored them some for us.  I bought me my first African purse today for 30 /k sh.  Virginia helped talk the guy into letting me have it for 30 instead of 33 /k sh.  George did a very good job with the laundry today.  I had our favorite American noodle dish today for supper.

Brave Ken; shed mortal tears for such a small thing as school never!  I don’t know who that small child was but I still thank him today for making my first day at school a little easier.  I probably did not realize what a step of faith my mother took going to the mission field until years later when I read this for the first time.  She had left her comfort zone to take the Good News 10,000 miles away.  I only hope to succeed her accomplishments in my lifetime.

Alan, as was his want, took the opportunity to hurt himself in some way shape or form.

I don’t know how long my mom had her “lump in the throat” but I can see how she forgot her troubles for a little while.  I have noticed that the feminine gender can surmount enormous obstacles with liberal doses of what my wife calls “Shopping therapy!”  Mom and Virginia sought to drown her troubles in a spending frenzy that would net her, her first African purse.  Yes Dad, she did get it for a deal only 30 k sh!

Was the favorite noodle dish from America for supper a balm for Dad’s empty pocketbook?  We may never know, but I am fairly sure that Alan and I did not give it a second thought as we chowed down on that sumptuous dish!

1 thought on “May 3rd

  1. Rebecca McBride

    Shopping……..what almost every woman does for therapy! I know how your Mom felt. I cried every year from Kindergarten through second grade when I dropped R.T. off at school for the first day. I never let him know, because it would have made him sad as well.
    Love the picture!

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