May 2nd

Friday, May 2nd, 1969

S.S. United States at sea
Last night we advanced our clocks 75 minutes so we were all very sleepy this morning.  This morning the movie for the children was “Black Beard’s Ghost”.  I slept through most of it, but the boys really did enjoy it.  The purser asked M.G. to preach aboard the ship on Sunday morning.  Tonight the movie, “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” was odd.  It was not the best movie for children.

I know I missed out on my share of things stateside because my folks choose to be missionaries.  However how many young boys do you know that have been over half way around the world by the time they were nine?  I enjoyed sailing on the United States then because it was a fun way to travel.  The stories I could have told if I just knew then what I know now about this great ocean liner.

Mom sleeping through movies proved to be a reoccurring theme in our lives.  I can remember going to the show and on the trip home hearing that oft repeated question “Now what went on after that…”  I guess she was so busy taking care of things around her that when the lights went down in the theater her body just said “rest now” because when this is over those boys will be going crazy.

Dad gets to preach on the ship.  I am sure at the time Alan and I was mortified to know that our dad was going to be sharing the message on Sunday morning.  Yet as I look back on it today I am proud of the fact that he not only got the chance to preach but did so unashamedly!

One of the funniest movies that we saw on board was “One Happy Alexander”.  I found a clip on youtube that I have included for your enjoyment.  Maybe we can get Séverine Gros, my office mate’s fiancee to translate it from her mother tongue so we Americans can understand.

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