May 1st

Friday, May 1st, 1981

Limuru, Kenya
This morning I made a double recipe of biscuits and took them up to the women.  M.G. went out to the Baptist Office on Thika Road and did some work on transportation.  This morning I gave my speech on tithing.  I was so nervous.  All day I felt very tired.  One of the women at the meeting told about her husband taking a second wife because she couldn’t have children.  She made up her mind to love the woman and her children.  Then in later years her husband had a legal wedding and he choose her to be in it.

Mom was always worried about the physical as well as the spiritual needs of the African people.  That is one of the reasons she usually took food with her wherever she went.  I can remember when we would go into Nairobi as we would always take packs of cookies and would give them out to children in town.  This always reminded me of what Peter said in Acts 3 verse 6. “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you…”

I think I can understand my Mom being nervous when giving a speech on tithing to Kenyan women.  Anytime you start asking people to consider giving a percentage of their gross earnings to support their local church you are bound to get nervous.

This women’s story touched my Mom’s heart enough to put it in her diary.  The African lady in question is obviously a Christian and yet by the tribal law of the country her husband is allowed to have more that one wife.  This lady by her actions, like my Mom, has left a legacy for her “children” that will outlast any words she could have possibly written down.  I think we can safely say this “wisdom then, now, and again…”

1 thought on “May 1st

  1. Cindy

    I would not make a good African wife. I am not sharing my man with anyone!

    So, did he legally marry first wife or second wife!

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