May 31st

May 31, 2007

Monday May 31st, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
I went to town with Maxine Law today, and met M.G. at the office.  He and Tom Tipton went down to the harbor to get Ensign Stagg and some books that the navy were giving our school.  They had quite a time getting through customs so our picnic didn’t turn out.  Although Ensign Stagg brought us some bologna and bread so we had sandwiches at station meeting.  Virginia made John (Ensign Stagg) a cake since it was his birthday and anniversary.  He had supper with us although we didn’t eat very much for we wanted to save room for bologna sandwiches.  He gave us each 250 pieces of gum (American) for our kids, also a patch with the ships name on it to sew on their shirts.

When I read things like this in my Mom’s diary it makes me proud to be an American.  The American sailors on this ship freely gave of their time and energy to give us missionaries a small but precious taste of home.  I don’t know for sure but I would bet that those books were donations from the men aboard that ship.

Bologna from America, you would have thought Ensign Stagg had offloaded gold bullion to hear the description given this lunch meat.  Next time you recoil at the thought of just a bologna sandwich remember somewhere lives a missionary that dreams of eating B-O-L-O-G-N-A!

I urge you to make sure you thank the next serviceman or woman you see for keeping their post on the wall so you can live free.  I know I sure appreciate the sacrifice these men and women make on my behalf! (Oh, and it’s not just because of the gum!)


May 30th

May 30, 2007

Thursday May 30th, 1968
Houston, Texas
We got up about 8:30 this morning and had breakfast.  I washed two loads of clothes.  Then M.G. and I went over to the Webb’s house to see if Alan and Kenny could play with their son also, to see if they could spend the night there on the 6th and 7th of June while the Bunns are at their convention.  We left for Houston about 1:30pm and got here around 4:30.  The first people that we saw that we knew were the Hulls from East Africa.  The Cromers are across the hall from us.  Tonight we went to Linda’s apt. to have tea with some of the East Africa gang.

Evidently Mom and Dad were going to a mission conference in Houston and were looking for a place to lodge Alan and me.  I think the Webb’s got the lucky number and got to keep us for a couple of days.

The Bunn’s were close friends of ours from Dad’s days in seminary and they lived in Mt. Enterprise, TX.

I know you have seen comments from other missionaries about relationships that are forged in the fire of service. (Aunt Margie’s comment May 23rd)  Common causes make fast friendships.  These bonds hold true even though separated by miles or months.  Mom’s excitement about seeing the Hull’s and the fact that after an afternoon of conference they met for tea are just further proof of this connection.

May 29th

May 29, 2007

Saturday May 29th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we made raspberry ice cream and took it to play day at the Cunninghams.  This is the last day for it to be there for they go home on furlough in July.  There was a big crowd there and lots of good food!  Tonight I had the Blakley family for supper and then Vestal and Carol Jean and M.G. and I went to the late movie- “The Love God”.   Our children stayed here at our house and looked at T.V.  Robert tried making banana pudding tonight by himself but he tried to put the eggs into scalded milk too fast and they curdled.

Play day at the Cunninghams.  The Cunninghams were trendsetters while I was on the mission field.  They were the originators of “play day” in Nairobi.  I don’t know where they got the idea but it was a winner with all the missionaries.  Once every so often they would have a big party day at their house.  Each family would bring food and chairs and show up for “dinner on the ground” but no preaching.  The kids would play and the grownups would talk and fellowship and generally let their hair down for a few hours.  I can remember some great times at the “play days” of my past.

You might think it strange that missionaries would even think to go see a movie called “The Love God”.  However you must remember that when your choices are limited you will always tend to be more tolerant of borderline entertainment.  The deciding factor for this movie was Don Knotts starring role.  His fame from Andy Griffith made sure this movie was seen on the foreign circuit by any American with a yearning for the USA.

May 28th

May 28, 2007

May 28th, 1982
Hammond, Indiana
This morning Billie and I went shopping at the mall.  I bought a skirt for $11.00.  We ate at a restaurant called “The York”.  Tonight I spoke at Orchard Drive.  There were 34 present.  The pastor was Clifford Welch.  After church I met Billie and Bob’s daughter and her husband.  He is on the police force here.  Bob went out and bought 3 dozen of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  I ate 3 and hated myself later.

This must have been a trip that the Mission Board planned for my folks during our furlough.  Being in close proximity of Chicago I bet Mom was really amazed at the sheer amount of people that are here.

I could not find a link for “The York” restaurant so if anyone knows where that is please speak up.

Looks like Mom was able to partake in that great police treat “the doughnut” even though she hated herself afterward.  I am not sure that having just 3 doughnuts ranks hating in my book.  Before I was a low-carb guy I have downed a dozen at a time.

May 27th

May 26, 2007

Friday May 27th, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. finished Mrs. Clark’s car.  While we were finishing breakfast, Web and Betty Carroll came in.  Then Phyliss went to town with them.  Thomas Kennedy came by today. He said that Keith was in Nigeria now.  M.G. helped Thomas to get into his trunk for it was stuck.  Tonight Ken, Eric, Glen, and Sammy went out to the assembly and knocked on the doors of people and disturbed them.  Jim Green came out here to see if they were here.  We made them go back and apologize.

Looks like Dad was fixing a car again this time before breakfast.  He also used his other talents to open the stuck trunk for Thomas.

Ken and his group of hardened hoodlums went out this evening for a wild night on the hill.  This bunch of ruffians was the most calloused of all criminals.  Don’t let their baby faces fool you.  Under that innocent facade was a seething caldron of trouble.  Wait a second, all we were doing was knocking on doors and running away.  The reason we got caught was most likely from the uncontrollable giggling that erupted when the “victims” tried to answer the door.  Jim stopped this unholy reign of terror and my folks made us go and fling ourselves at the mercy of the court.  Kids are kids in any area of the world.

May 26th

May 26, 2007

Tuesday May 26th, 1970
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. fixed a new carpet for the trunk of our car.  He sewed two old pieces together.  We went over and had coffee with the language students.  This afternoon I went with Myrtice and Sally Conley out to a nearby village and we got stuck in the mud.  At first a large number of children tried to help.  Then a young man with 3 donkeys tried to pull us out.  The rope broke when he tried to pull.  Later some men came along and helped.  Then when we finally got out there was a big fuss about who would get the money.  Finally we gave it to an older man and he was supposed to divide it out.

Some days you just know things are going to go wrong and there is nothing you can do about it.  I am sure this is how Mom and these women felt with their ill fated journey to the nearby village.  However knowing Mom and the ladies pretty well I bet they had a great time watching the ensuing attack on the stuck car.  In my mind’s eye I can see those children pushing every way at once to get the car out.  They most likely had a better time getting mud on themselves and the car than anything.  Then to the rescue comes the man with 3 donkeys.  Too bad he also had a rotten rope or he might have obtained the prize.  It was not until later when some other men came along and extracted the car from its miry grave.  The only problem now became how to divide up the spoils.  Evidently the aged appeared most honest so the old guy got the loot and was charged with divvying the take.   

May 25th

May 25, 2007

Sunday May 25th, 1975
Kijabe and Limuru
This morning M.G. came into Kijabe to go to church at Kentmere.  I fixed breakfast for Alan, Ken, Jeff Ramey, and Alf Rhea.  We had cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, and fruit.  M.G. fixed a holder on the wall for Peggy to set her transformer on.  We left Kijabe about 5 o’clock and got here in time for the 6:00 English speaking service.  Jo Von Bryan and Mildred Cagle gave their testimony.  Tonight the T.V. was full of the “welcome back” from the coast for the president of Kenya.  M.G. was unable to contact Charlie tonight.

Mom was helping a lady from R.V.A. out by being a dorm parent over the weekend.  The Duncan picnic banquet extended over 3 days!  I truly thought that I had gone to heaven.  No R.V.A. food for 3 whole days.  Looks like Jeff Ramey (Alan’s roommate) and Alf Rhea (lucky contestant #1) got to join in the food and the fellowship that was had that day.

True to form Dad was always fixing something wherever he went.  Today it happened to be a transformer shelf.

One of the many reasons God wants us to develop a testimony is to encourage out fellowman.  I am sure that the offering from these ladies did just that.  I thought that I would give you a small taste of what the welcome back party.  Just click the video after the jump and sit back and enjoy!