April 30th

Sunday, April 30th, 1978

Limuru, Kenya
This morning I went to church at Kibubuti.  Mama Joyce went with me.  There were a church full of kids for S.S.  For church only 2 young girls, 1 young man, and an old man along with some of the children remained.  M.G. went to Ngarariga.  Vance and some others went with him.  At about 2:30 we called Alan and found out that he had played in the Orange and White game yesterday.  He made 3 field goals, 45, 39, and 29 yarders.  He said that they said on T.V. he was the hero of the day.  We were so proud for him.  Ken and the other M.K.’s made it back from the Ark.  They had a good time.  We heard that Ken did a good job in the Nyeri high school with his magic.  They left to go back to R.V.A. in the rain.

Mom and Dad often went different ways on Sundays to cover more land area.  I am sure today she went back and reread the verses from Isaiah 40:30-31.  Sometimes all God calls us to do is caste our bread upon the water.  He (God) is responsible for the increase and thankfully gets the credit.

Alan is the hero of the day!  I am sure it is difficult to kick a field goal in any situation.  However, I don’t know if we can grant hero status to my elder brother for hitting three in the spring offensive/defensive practice game.  On the other hand, my showing in the Volympics a few years back did nothing to impress the UT coaching staff.  So, “hero of the day” I guess so!

Haywood Harris and Gus Manning talk about the “hero”.

“One wheeled magician the” rides again!(See earlier post)  Looks like I was playing before a packed Nyeri high school audience today.  It always amazes me that God can use just about any talent in his service.  In a land of witch doctors and charlatans He uses a missionary kid who likes magic to share the “Good News”!

4 thoughts on “April 30th

  1. Tracey Murry

    So was the interview with Haywood Harris and Gus Manning a part of a televised interview or was it for this project? Thanks for the wonderful insight into your family and the life that they lived for God and His purpose.

  2. margiesmanna

    Done by yours truly right outside my office on Friday. I left the parts where I yelled out the questions on the cutting room floor.

  3. Jonathan

    Ken, just wanted to comment on the illustrious studio setting used for the Alan Duncan Once A Vol, Always A Vol commemorative video!

  4. Rebecca McBride

    Ahhhhh, I can see it now! Kenny doing the magic and God using it for His glory. I never cease to be amazed at what I read. The life your family lived in service to the Lord. It truly was a sacrifice! R.T. and Alex want to know when the next magic show will be??

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