April 29th

Thursday, April 29th, 1976
Limuru, Kenya

This morning I continued to sew on my pants suit.  I cooked liver and onions for lunch for M.G. and I.  Robert made the preachers stew and ugali.  M.G. and I ate a bit of the ugali.  M.G. worked most of the day in his garden.  He planted a whole bunch of things.  This afternoon Jim and Linda Rice opened the crates for some missionaries who are not returning to the field.  They had asked Jim and Linda to sell some of their things.  I bought a piece of Tupperware, an ice bucket, and some odds and ends of tooth paste, lotion, aspirin, etc…  Robert made doughnuts at the assembly.  Also he taught Carol Brown while he was conversing with her.  Tonight as I was sewing on the top of my pants suit I discovered that I forgot to increase the hips when I was cutting it, so it is going to be too small.  My sewing is terrible!

Mom fixed liver and onions for lunch.  Give me the stew and ugali!  I know by now you are getting the idea that I am a somewhat picky eater.  That is not necessarily the case, although Julia Duncan my new Mom would swear otherwise.

 I don’t know if Dad wanted to instill strong feelings within me about the garden.  But his efforts were met with rousing success.  I can still remember “getting” to work in the garden as a kid.  Needless to say my gardening skills have gone fallow as of late.  

 I am sure that these missionaries had plans to return but they were put into service elsewhere.  They knew that the items they packed for themselves would be used by their fellow missionaries to further God’s work.  They also knew that other missionaries would use and enjoy those simple items that reminded us of home!

I can only assume that Robert was speaking Swahili with Carol while he was making doughnuts for the assembly.  Mom taught Robert many of her cooking recipes and when he left our employ later on he became a chef at several of the local hotels.  That Robert was a real entrepreneur!

Mom and the sewing machine had several interesting bouts.  However as her youngest son and recipient of several sewing projects I can assure you that her sewing was not terrible nor were her hips to large.

1 thought on “April 29th

  1. Eddie

    This reminds me of a story my dad used to tell. He and Brad Bean, a missionary in Panama, went out into the sticks in Panama to meet with some of the “locals”. As guests of honor they were given full glasses of pipa juice. Now my father will eat and drink just about anything, but even he agrees that pipa juice is quite rancid. After seeing Brad quaff his glass, my dad said, “Brad, could you please drink mine?” After Brad knocked that glass back too, my dad said, “Thanks. I can’t stand that stuff.” To which Brad replied with a moan, “Me neither!”.

    That’s missionary work right there.

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