April 28th

Wednesday, April 28th, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning we went to the Peugeot dealer and took a ride in a couple of their cars to see how we liked them.  We liked the 403 and asked them to hold one for us.  We came home for lunch, and I fixed us some fried okra, creamed potatoes, slaw, and warmed up the impala.  After lunch we took the boys to the beach.  We had our first business meeting at the church tonight.  They nominated a committee to find M.G. an office and equip it.

The Peugeot 403, the last of the Peugeots.  Friends, many are the memories that surround this car.  This was our first car in Kenya.  It made countless trips throughout eastern Africa.  It was the car that carried Alan and I to school on uncounted occasions.  Both Alan and I put just as many miles in reverse as we did in forward while we were learning to drive in this car.  This car even played a supporting role in my first date.  We still had this car and I drove it while I was in Kenya in 1981 during my last visit from college.  I can safely say they don’t build them like they used to!

The great thing about living on the coast was the frequent beach trips.  Alan and I would sometimes go in the afternoon when we got home from school.  Our permanent home in Mombasa was just a short walk to Nyali beach which boasts sand that is literally as “white as snow”.

The committee, one of the great consistencies of Baptists, well as least we know we are not going to rush headlong into any decision no matter what it may be!

2 thoughts on “April 28th

  1. Jim Mcfalls

    Do you remember what happend to the window. My son thinks since it was Kenya an animal might have hit it.

  2. margiesmanna

    Your son and my uncle. Nothing so interesting hit our window that day, just a rock on the dirt road!

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