April 27th

Monday, April 27th, 1981

Limuru, Kenya

This morning we got up real early and got M.G. off to Nairobi by 7:00am.  He was meeting some people who had repaired the Ram Chargers in the East African Safari.  They are going to help him repair the one that we have.  Later in the morning he came home with one of the mechanics, but they just returned to Nairobi after looking over the car here.  Enos came by and I served him coffee and a piece of the coffee cake that I had just taken from the oven.  The later Teresa and Hannah (two Kenyan women) came by and I served them tea and some of the cake.  The two workers changed the ceiling board in our living room today.  The Courseys delivered the fridge that we had bought from Helen.  The Hortons and Disons were by today on their way to R.V.A.  The Bosticks also came by.  We got a letter from Andrea today.  It was written on April 18th.

Ram Chargers?  I can see Dad now explaining the intricacies of intake manifolds to Mom.  She doubtless listened to the explanation and then replied, “Yes, dear and what time should I have supper ready?”  Evidently the car was a lost cause because the mechanic just looked over the car and left.

Enos was a Kenyan that worked with Dad.  He obviously timed his visit with care to arrive at the moment the cake came out of the oven.  Not only did he make a timely visit but no doubt shared that fresh cake was to be had at the Duncan’s!  Teresa and Hannah also profited from a quick trip to the missionaries house.

Knowing my Mom the African workers, the Courseys, the Hortons, the Disons, and the Bosticks also enjoyed coffee cake fresh from our kitchen that day.  The workers were most likely repairing the rent in the roof caused earlier.  (See post comment from “In the beginning” from Hortons)

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