April 26th

Friday, April 26th, 1968
Mombasa, Kenya

This morning we took the boys to town and got their last Kenya haircut for awhile at least.  We picked up our health cards at the doctor’s office.  We bought presents for two birthdays that Alan and Ken are invited to.  It rained all day today. Today from 5 to 8 Alan and Ken went to Christopher’s birthday party.  This afternoon I made a banana pudding and some chocolate fudge cookies.  I reckon I’m going to cook until the last minute.  We painted the washing machine today where it had rusted.  Mr. Pandya called today to tell us that they would not buy the wringer washer.

Kenyan barbers have come a long way since ’68.  I am just glad I did not come out of the shop looking like some of their normal customers.  This may have been when the inspiration for Margie’s Beauty Salon.  During the rest of our stay in Kenya Mom cut our families hair “in house” so to speak.  Having a crisis over my present hairstyle was not a real problem with me, but Alan was another story.  However he will be the one to relay those many chronicles another day.

The Duncan men enjoy nothing better than a good meal around the family table.  That must be part of the reason Mom was cooking all the time.  Looks like from the comment in her diary this day we should have gone out to eat tonight.

Thank goodness we are still on speaking terms with the Pandyas!  (See post for April 19th)  You don’t think that the washer machine sale fell though because of my inappropriate manners!

1 thought on “April 26th

  1. Gene

    Yes you need to mind your manners. Have you any pictures of Africa hair cuts?

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