April 25th

Sunday, April 25th, 1965

Mombasa, Kenya

Today was M.G.’s first sermon as pastor.  We joined the church today.  The Africans and the other missionaries expressed joy at our coming.  We had impala roast, carrots, potatoes, onions, and rice.  The boys enjoyed the rice with catsup. While Alan was taking his rest, he got his N.T. (New Testament) and read some in it.  He said that he thought God would be pleased.  Later this afternoon Jean and Maxine came over, and Alan and I served them coke and cookies.  Tonight in our church service, we gave testimonies.  It was interesting to hear the Africans and Asians give theirs.  Imogene brought us some home baked cookies.

That is first sermon as pastor in Kenya.  As the youngest son of Marshall Duncan I am sure this was not the first sermon my Dad preached.  I am equally sure that it will not be the last one I hear.  Especially after Dad and Mom saw the faces Alan and I were making in this picture!  Dad was originally appointed to do English speaking work because the Mission Board considered him to old to learn a new language.  However, Dad must have discovered the fountain of youth in Kenya because when we came back from our first furlough 3 years later he was young enough to take Swahili.

God calls his children in a still small voice.  Sometimes, like Samuel we need to be told how to proceed.  Only Alan can tell us for sure, but I am sure God used all these little pieces to bring my brother to Christ during the next year.  I think it is interesting that even at his young age Alan was trying to please God.

My Mom was always trying to make people feel at home.  This is not the most glamorous position but the rewards far outstrip the labor.  The comments from her fellow missionaries in this blog will attested to the mark she left on this world.  The total impact of her servant’s heart will not be truly known this side of heaven.

Monday, April 25, 1977
Limuru, Kenya

Excerpt from Diary reads:
We found Ken’s mouse today.  It was in the kitchen. (See April 21st post)

I know many of you were worried about poor Herman.  How he escaped discovery for four days will remain a mystery.  I just know we returned him to his cage safe and sound and none the worse from his experience.  The same could not be said for my Mom who suffered from a bad case of the “heebie jeebies” at the thoughts of where Herman might have visited during his “incredible journey” though our home.

3 thoughts on “April 25th

  1. Cindy

    Thanks for sharing your Mom’s heart with us.

    She should have spanked both you and Alan for those ugly faces! I guess that is what you get when you have a mix of a PK and a MK!

  2. Eddie

    I think I can improve on dictionary.com’s example of the use of “heebie jeebies”… “Just thinking about eating rice with catsup gives me the heebie jeebies.”

  3. Rebecca McBride

    The picture is priceless!!! I agree with Cindy. Your Mom should have gotten her wooden spoon or whatever she used and taken you and Alan to the “woodshed”.

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