April 24th

Tuesday, April 24th, 1979

Limuru and Salt Lick Lodge

This morning I got up at 4:45am to get ready to leave.  We got away about 6:30am.  Just as we got near the Tigoni store we remembered that we did not have our vouchers so we went back to get them.  We arrived at Taita Hills Lodge about 12 o’clock.   We ate lunch there.  They had ox tail stew and cold cuts.  There were several American tourists at the lodge.  We arrived at the Salt Lick Lodge about 2:30.  We were so tired that we just went to bed and read and rested.  On the way we began a tape to George and one to Alan.  It rained most of the afternoon, at tea time, M.G. asked for two “sweeties” and the server told him that it would be 5/k sh extra if he got two.  M.G. told him that he would go to Keekorok the next time.  He didn’t know what to say after that.  The grasshoppers were everywhere in the rooms – dining rooms as well!

Proverbs 31:10-31 lists the attributes of virtuous women.  One of those is to rise early while here family is still sleeping to get about the business of the day.  I would say that 4:45am qualifies as early.  I do not see forgetfulness in that list so the fact that we forgot the vouchers, well let’s just chalk that one up to having to take care of me and Dad at that time in the morning.

We have a whole cow to choose from and we choose the tail to make stew?  I am sure the American tourists were just as thrilled as I was when they put that in the soup bowl to eat.

When we traveled back and forth to major towns we would make cassette tapes to the folks back home.  I speak from experience when I say it is good to hear a voice you love even if you know it is 10,000 miles away.

Tea time is one of the greatest inventions of the British.  In most countries that were British colonies things just come to a halt around 4 or 4:15pm and you get a cup of tea with cream and sugar and a light snack.  Dad’s definition of a light snack and the server’s were at odds to say the least.  Knowing the African waiters as I do, when Dad threatened to go to Keekarock the waiter probably thought “ok” and then wondered how he could ask for a ride.

I seem to remember that this infestation of grasshoppers was of Biblical proportions.  Mom seemed genuinely horrified to know that these green insects were in the dining room.  The cooks most likely looked on them as a free source of protein and threw them in the pot with the rest of the Ox tail stew!

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