April 23rd

Saturday, April 23rd, 1977
Limuru, Kenya

This morning M.G. worked on Daniel’s (from Nyeri) car.  I went to Mahinga about 10:15am for the women’s program.  I was supposed to teach my part at 11:00am.  Well, at 4:00pm my time came.  I was worn out from sitting so long.  I saw the ladies preparing the food so I could hardly eat it.  The meat was tough, the corn was hard, and the tea was too sweet.  Tonight I made waffles and gravy for supper.  The first waffle stuck and just as we were trying to get it loose Harry Garvin brought a bunch of meat to put in my freezer and Jim Richardson returned the projector and screen.  Sammy Harrell ate supper with us.

The first thing you will notice today is a format change.  Several of my readers have commented that the old format left Mom’s diary somewhat disjointed.  So we will try this new look and see if it makes things any better.

You can tell that things started badly and went downhill from there.  Even though my Dad is a self taught master mechanic, car trouble is never a good way to start off the day.  The only bright spot for Daniel was that Dad was working on his car and not one of the car shops in town.  Daniel lived in a town called Nyeri which is home to the Outspan Hotel.

Mom’s day started off bad and went to worse in no time at all.  She shows up to teach her part on Saturday morning and 5 hours later gets to start her section.  During the time she is waiting her turn, most likely sitting on a wooden bench or the ground, she spies the meal preparation team.  The fact that her description of a meal only merited one line in her diary speaks volumes for the quality of said meal.  However, I am sure that if my Mom can choke down indiscriminate chicken parts in soup, tough meat and hard corn were child’s play.  Then she gets home late and goes about fixing a nice meal for her brood, and what happens next but more trouble.  Waffles stick, missionaries show up uninvited, and we have a guest at the table.  I sure my Mom handled all this trial with her normal aplomb and none of the rest of the family ever knew she was having, “A no good very bad day!”

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  1. Betsy Duncan

    I like the new layout =)

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