April 22nd

Saturday, 22nd, 1978

Limuru, Kenya

This morning I went to the market at Limuru.  I have included a link to some pictures of the Limuru market.  This is Mom and Mamaw Duncan on a trip to the fruit and vegetable section.  These local markets were usually located in the center of town.  Here the people would buy and sell various goods and services from outlying farms and villages.  You could obtain fresh fruits and vegetables in season as well as other sundries.  I am sure if you knew the right people you could also catch up on the latest gossip from the area also.  Tonight we had a covered dish supper at the assembly.  The afterwards we had a fun night show.  M.G., Ralph Harrell, and Vance Kirkpatrick did an act.  They played a record of a chicken cackling.  Vaudeville is in no danger from this trio. The very thought of Dad, Uncle Ralph, and Uncle Vance cavorting on stage accompanied by chickens brings a smile to my face.  I am just sad that no videos seem to exist that captured that moment!  The video below is a sad representation of the real performance.  Ken did some magic and did real well.  No doubt an early performance from “One Wheeled Magician The”.  Brothers tend to be merciless when they see an opening.  Alan dubbed me with this name after he saw my first business card.  Beware Alan!  I have a computer keyboard and a long memory!

Starting next week you will see margiesmanna in a slightly different format.  Please let me know which style you prefer.  Since this is a reader driven endeavor I will work to make it as easy on the eyes as possible!

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