April 21st

Thursday, April 21st, 1977

Limuru, Kenya

This morning when we got up it was very foggy and rainy.  I went to the Tigoni store to get the paper and when I returned Ken told me that his mouse was loose.  We turned his room upside down but could not find it.  Herman the mouse, I have such fond memories of him.  Mom was scared to death of most of the creatures that Alan and I would bring into her home.  One time we brought a chameleon in and put it right in front of her while she was cooking.  She smacked the poor creature out of my hand and into the frying pan.  He did some pretty high stepping, but not nearly as high as Mom did!  We had lunch with the Harrells today.  We may have eaten at the Harrell’s because of the aforementioned mouse episode.  The Steegers and the Evans were there too.  The land-rover battery was dead today.  M.G. tried to work on Daniel’s car, but discovered the he had the wrong brakes.  Working on anything in Africa is a hit or miss proposition.  Even if you have the right tools, which Dad did, you never knew if you were going to get the correct part.  Many is the time when we asked for an item only to hear those familiar words “Sorry, out of stock Bwana”.  However you got by as best you could and somehow, someway things just kind of worked out.  This afternoon Bilha and I went to Mimosa.  We had to walk part of the way because of the mud.  There were about 15 women who came.  It is only after reading her diary that I realized that Mom went on many a trip without Dad along.  Here we have a white woman, by herself, getting in a car and driving several miles to a spot and then walking the rest of the way to a meeting in Africa!  If I know my Mom she was nervous about the prospect but willing to put her life in God’s hand.  Because she was willing to step, no leap out of her comfort zone lives were changed and souls were rescued!

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