April 20th

Note at top of page reads: Black Oak Revival Begins
Monday April 20th, 1970

Nairobi, Kenya
This morning Robert was back on time.  He didn’t bring a wife back with him for he said that his father was still making the arrangements.
  This reminds me of one of my all time favorite Robert stories.  We were making homemade ice cream for the first time and Robert was helping us crank the churn.  When it was finished we asked Robert if he would like to try some ice cream.  He said yes and we gave him a large spoon to help himself.  Unfortunately we did not warn him of the phenomena know as “brain freeze!”  You can probably see in your minds eye what transpired next.  The sight of Robert running around our backyard beating on his head is one I will never forget.  I do know for the rest of the time I knew Robert Ali he would always help crank the ice cream.  However never again would he taste the product of his labor.  Ken left about 10 o’clock to go visit with his friend, John McDonough.  He will spend the night.  Right after lunch Alan went swimming with the Pearce family at the Y.M.C.A.  Tom McLoughlin came about 4 o’clock to spend the night with Alan.  Chuck Evans came in about supper time and ate with us.  Chuck Evans and his family served in Africa with usHe was meeting Tom McMillan here and they were going to the movie.  We stayed at Tom’s house in Arusha.(See earlier post)  Today when M.G. was in town someone stole his clip-on sunglasses from his face.  He went on down the street and caught the guy with them.  He was trying to sell them to a white man.  M.G. just reached and got them and said they are mine.  This is one of the many classic African tales that we were party too.  This guy would have made Paul Harvey’s dumb criminal list.  He swipes the glasses off Dad’s face and in moments is trying to hock them to a guy around the next corner.  Mom left out the punch line.  When Dad caught up with the guy and took the glasses back the African just said rather lamely “Ndio, Bwana!”(Yes, Sir)

2 thoughts on “April 20th

  1. Tracey Murry

    Poor Robert, didn’t anybody explain to him that if he were careful it wouldn’t happen again? I can’t imagine turning down homemade ice cream!

  2. margiesmanna

    During the ensuing years we tried many times to explain to Robert the joys of homemade ice cream. However in a country with hardly any ice (another story) things never got cold enough to give the Africans brain freeze. Now the great white “bwana” says to you, “I know it hurt your head the first time Robert but, just eat it slowly and there will be no pain.” I don’t know if I blame Robert for not believing that this was just another crazy “wazungu” (white man) ritual!

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