April 19th

Friday, April 19th, 1968

Mombasa, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went to the vegetable market.  We took four of the boys at the market a shirt each.
  You will notice that this is not like visiting the corner store here in the USA.  When was the last time you took a shirt to the Krogers for the bag boy?  This afternoon I prepared supper for the Pandya family.  I had noodle dish without meat, carrot & pineapple salad, vegetable salad, cooked carrots, cheese muffins, chocolate cake and fruit salad.  I gathered from the menu that the Pandya’s were vegetarians.  I also happen to know that they were of Asian decent.  This brings up another “kids say the darndest” things moment.  I do not know if it was this family, but an Asian family invited our family to dine with them when I was young.  I am not particularly fond of Asian food so I was just picking at my food to bide time till the meal was over.  The wife of our host was doing her best to make sure I enjoyed this meal to the fullest and was somewhat chagrinned that I was not eating enough.  I tried diplomatically to tell her things were fine, meal was good, I had just eaten, but to no avail.  She kept at me till I blurted out “I just don’t like ‘Asian’ food!”   Dad and Mom spent the rest meal of the trying to explain that I was not related to them in any way.  I guess we can add another don’t for basic etiquette at your Indian friends house!   This afternoon Robert left at 5 o’clock without asking me.  I told Simeon, “This is a good way for him not to get hired next tour.”  Turns out Robert did get hired for the next term.  We sent our passports to Nairobi to our travel agent by Mr. Datto.  We need to get visas for going to Russia.  Yes, I really had to suffer on the field.  How many other young boys can say the saw the “Moscow Circus” in Moscow!

2 thoughts on “April 19th

  1. Gene

    you mean you didn’t get a thrashing behind closed doors. Are you a meat eater ? you don’t like veggies–I thought all you dieters were vegeterians by trade. Going to Russia –taht is neat.

  2. Rebecca McBride

    I guess even back then you were already on the Atkin’s diet!!! Our Alex would be the reason we don’t have company over very much. Ask me for more details on that one Sunday!

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