April 18th

Sunday, April 18th, 1965

Easter Sun. Mombasa, Kenya

It was still raining today so my clothes were still wet.  I hung them out for awhile.  There are two wet seasons in Kenya, the long rains and the short rains.  When you are in either of these seasons you can expect rain almost on schedule.  In our first house in Mombasa we did not have a dryer for our clothes.  So we had to hang everything out on the line to dry.  Today in America we just buy fabric softener with that “fresh clean line dried scent”.  We went to church, and it certainly seemed different that Easter does in America where everyone comes out in their Easter bonnets.  I even went bare legged.  Margie Duncan gets 10,000 miles away from home and throws tradition to the winds!  We had an impala roast for lunch, and I cooked the boys some rice which they enjoyed very much.  We hid their four eggs again after lunch until we about wore them out.  Evidently we could only spare 4 eggs for Easter.  There is most likely a good lesson here about spending quantity time with your children.  You notice Mom said they hid eggs till they wore us out.  Alan and Ken were probably not the only ones that headed for rest time after the great egg hunt!  After rest time we took them to the beach for awhile.  M.G. and I gave our testimony at the church tonight.  It was very impressive to realize that God had used us to fill a need that the people had prayed for here.  I feel very inadequate for the task.  One of the many lessons that I have to keep learning from God is he does not fret when you give him your weakness.  You would think that after I had such a role model as Mom this lesson would come easier.  I need to strive to remember that just like Mom, in my weakness He is made strong!

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