April 17th

Sunday, April 17th, 1966

Mombasa, Kenya

We left for Arusha this morning at about 9:30am and got here about 4:00pm.  Arusha is in Tanzania which is one of the countries on Kenya’s border.  It looks like we made pretty good time for Africa, 200 miles in about 6 hours and 30 minutes.  We went to the Swahili service at 5 o’clock.  This sounds just like my Dad.  I can hear Alan and me now saying “Dad, do we have to go to church?” and Dad saying “You don’t have to go, you get to go!”  Of course when you are not quite 6 years old that does not make as much sense as it does today at 46!  We are staying in the Tom McMillan’s house.  We had supper with Ruth Partain.  The McMillan’s served with us in Africa as did the Partain’s.  She had some broccoli from her garden and that is the first that we have had since we left America.  My! It was good.  Broccoli, I am sure Alan and I were just as thrilled as Mom to see this vegetable served at the supper table.  I daresay we could have gone another year without sight or smell of this plant from the cabbage family.  It was good to be in the cool climate again.  Mombasa was a hot most of the year.  Sometimes it would reach upwards of 110 and since it was on the coast that heat was intense.  On the way up we saw a herd of elephants.

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