April 16th

Sunday, April 16th, 1978

Mombasa, Kenya
Helen Gilmore came out to have lunch with us today.  Then she swam for awhile.
  Helen Gilmore served in Africa with my folks.  There were quite a few R.V.A. people here today for lunch and swimming.  We were staying at the Baobob Hotel on Diani beach.  Time has really changed, and been kind to the Baobob Hotel since I was in Africa.  This popular beach spot is one of the many white sand beaches on the coast of Kenya.  Many memories were made on these sandy beaches during my years in Africa.  M.G. and I walked up the beach today.  You could literally walk for miles up and down the beach and never see another person when I was in Kenya.  I am sure time has changed since then, but these beaches are still some of the most beautiful in the world.  The African waiters here asked if M.G. had two wives since Margie is always with us.  Margie Bateman (Hampton) was with us on this trip joined by two of her daughters Tara and Lari.  You can’t really blame the waiters for this question because if they went on vacation they would take all of their wives.  I am sure my Mom and Aunt Margie got a kick out of this comment.

2 thoughts on “April 16th

  1. Eddie

    Your dad should have told them that Americans could only have multiple wives if they had the same name.

    I’m not sure how that would have helped the mission work, but I would really liked to have seen his reaction.

  2. Aunt Margie

    Ken, we had a good laugh out of that inquiry about your dad’s 2 wives. It’s just one of the many memories we have of that trip to the Baobob. We visited the Baobob Hotel many times on vacation and so have lots of good memories. I still marvel that your mom was so faithful to write in her diary. What a legacy! She was remarkable and a special neighbor and colleague, as well as a great missionary.

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