April 14th

Saturday, April 14th, 1979

Limuru, Kenya
This morning Peter was back at work so we did some washing. We were not able to iron though for the electricity was off most of the afternoon.  I shampooed my hair so I had to sit in the sun to dry it.
  Once again the electricity is off in Kenya.  Big surprise!  Mom just did what she had to do to get the job done.  I am sorry to say I do not have a picture of her sitting in the yard with the “wet” look but such is life.  This afternoon M.G. and I drove out to Kambaa.  We took the tripod that M.G. had built for the church.  Dad was always building or inventing things for our churches.  This tripod was to be used in the local school as well as our church.  My dad was the idea guy much like me, however, it was mom that implemented these ideas and brought them to fruition.  This church like others in our area was near to tea growing facilities.  That’s why you have the tea hyperlink.  Also, I took their new baby some clothes.  They have 3 girls and 1 boy.  We gave the older girls a rag doll each.  These dolls were sent by a church in FL.  M.G. made my picture presenting them to the girls.   One doll had pants on so it was interesting to watch their being curious about this.  The smaller girl put the doll on her back like the African women carry their children.  They seemed very happy with the dolls.  A lot of our mission work was just providing necessities for our people.  Mom really had a heart for the African women.  When mom passed away dad set up a special fund to help with women’s work in Kenya.  The dog that we gave them quite sometime ago looked very thin.  What can I say about this but that my mom had a big heart!  Tonight Ken, Tony Curp, and I looked at the weekend movie on T.V.  It was the life of Jean Harlow.  It was very sad.  TV in Kenya was a real experience.  While I was in Kenya we only had black and white TV and that was on only during the hours of 5pm-11:30pm at night.  We only had one channel.  Content was 75% local or Swahili broadcasting and 25% other language.  When anything in English came on our whole mission station would be there to watch the show.  (See comment from the Horton’s on earlier post.)

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