April 13th

Tuesday, April 13th, 1965

Mombasa, Kenya
I went over to Maxine’s house to do my washing this morning while M.G. & the boys went over to Ray’s house to cut up the impala.
  At this time we were still in our first house in Mombasa.  They did not have a washing machine of any kind in the house.  As a matter of fact even the kitchen was separate from the main house.  The Law’s served in Mombasa with us.  Tim was their son and, if you catch Alan or me at the right time, we could tell you some good stories about our escapades with him.  We had some of the meat for lunch, and it tasted pretty good.  Actually, all the wild meat we ate in Kenya was tasty.  The animals are for the most part grassland dwellers and the meat tastes like lean beef.  This held true with most meats with the exceptions of elephant, giraffe, ostrich, and hippo to name a few.  For supper I made a meat loaf, and some potato patties (American style).  For our night snack, we had some Jell-O which reminded us of America.  The boys really enjoyed it.  Also, we made some good limeade.  We asked God to help us to learn to like & enjoy the food here.  If at any point you doubt that God answers prayer you can now put that doubt to rest.  One look at any of the boys from the Duncan clan can tell you that this prayer was answered with gusto! 

5 thoughts on “April 13th

  1. Gene

    was this Impala a 58 model–thats the only Impala I know

  2. margiesmanna

    Most likely a ’63 model since we shot him in ’65. Did they have the big tailfins then?

  3. Heather

    Just curious… what did hippo and giraffe taste like?

  4. margiesmanna

    Chicken?!! HaHaHa! Both have a gamey taste as I remember. Giraffe browse mostly on leaves and such so they have a wilder taste. Hippo feed on land at night but eat mostly marsh grass and forage close to the shore of the body of water in which they reside.

  5. gene

    no the 63& 64 were square boxed at the back with 3 bullets on each side –they are classic’s but you alredy know that I’m sure. Good stuff Ken I look forward to this each day.

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