April 12th

Sunday, April 12th, 1970

Nairobi, Kenya
This morning Joyce and three of the other journeymen left for Uganda.  Alan & Ken went to the Asian Center to church.
  Alan and I often went to an English speaking church while we were on the mission field.  Dad and Mom most likely felt we would listen and learn God’s word better if we heard it in our mother tongue.  I taught my S.S. class.  There were only 7 present.  One of the many lessons my mom taught me were, do not doubt in the darkness what God has shown you in the light.  Sure there were only 7 present on this day but you cannot know what impact even one of those women has had on present day Kenya.  We ate out at the steak house.  Ken got the biggest steak for he made the most A’s last term.  Ken demonstrated his superior intellect early on in life and his mental power has continued to grow at an exponential rate.   I now use my powers for good as well as for awesome!  Tonight we had waffles at the Hooper’s.  I don’t know if the tradition started here but sometimes we had waffles and peanut butter with syrup on top.  You have not lived till you have tasted this delicacy!  They also taste good with sausage gravy on top.  Warthog sausage (See earlier post) probably made the meal.  Then we played some cards.  I will set your minds at ease.  I am sure my parents were playing Rook and not dealing up hands of Texas Hold’Em in some back room on the Dark Continent.  I sorted clothes some today in preparation for moving.

1 thought on “April 12th

  1. Gene

    Love that sausage but p-nut butter on a waffell aghhhh —like a rock in the pond , the ripple effects from one person are enormous . eternity is forever

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