April 11th

Saturday, April  11th, 1981

Limuru & Nyeri( Nyeri Inn)
  After looking at the hyperlink star value of the Nyeri Inn I am fairly sure I will not be booking my stay there anytime soon.  No stars out of a possible 5!
This morning we got up at 5:45am and the electricity was still off.  Electricity was never a guarantee in Kenya.  We just made do as best we could till it came back on.  We made us a cup of coffee and warmed some banana bread on our gas camp stove.  We got to the airport about 7:38am.  The Russells from Powell, Tenn. had already arrived.  Powell, Tennessee this marks the spot where yours truly played his first and last games of that great American sport, Baseball.   We greeted them and also saw Jim Dillard he was on their plane too.  He has been to America to attend his father’s funeral.  Jim Dillard served with my folks in Africa.  Serving God in a foreign land requires sacrifices some people are just not willing to make.  However, being in the middle of His will always makes up for anything this life can offerWe stopped by the motel in Westlands with the Russells and John Dillman.  They had brought us Alan & Andrea’s wedding pictures, some tools for M.G., some rollers for his AB Dick mimeographing machine, and two bags of dorito nacho chips for us to eat.  We tried some of them as soon as we got home.  Getting anything from America was exciting but when you got American snack food your joy literally knew no bounds.  You will notice that the Doritos bag barely lasted the trip to the house.   Also, we had another cup of coffee and a doughnut that we had bought in town.  We got back to Nyeri about 3:45pm.  We drove in a lot of rain.

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