April 10th

Sunday, April 10th, 1966

Mombasa, Kenya
We went to S.S. and church this morning.  We didn’t have a very big crowd for most of the boys have gone home for the holidays.
  In Kenya we went to school on the British school year which is 3 months on and 1 month off.  I liked this because it broke up the school year in 3 small chunks.  At the close of the morning service, Alan asked me to go forward.  He said, “I want to accept Jesus as my savior.”  So he went and told M.G. and he was accepted.  He seems to know what he is doing.  Needless to say this made us both very happy for we had been praying for him.  He has been talking about doing this for sometime.    I do not know if you are familiar with a phenomenon known as the butterfly effect.  However, here we have a good example of one in my life.  Alan accepts Jesus as Lord as a child.  A small change in my brother’s life at this time leads to widespread positive effects on his and others lives in the future.  I for one am glad that Christ does not show me the end at the beginning because I know that if I knew all the implications I would become overwhelmed and ineffective!  This does remind me of a favorite quote that goes something like this “Any fool can count the seeds in an apple, but on God can count the apples in a seed!”  This afternoon we had an egg hunt at the high school for all the M.K.’s.  That is missionary kids to you folks here in the US.  Of course you realize now why I am such a black sheep.  I happen to be a P.K. (preacher kid) and an M.K. so I have a double dose of trouble.  The only way I could get any worse was to marry a D.K. (deacon kid) so I did!  Tonight the chaplain and four sailors from the naval ship visited our services.  After church was over we gathered around the piano and sang.  Any comment on this would be way to easy!  But you might ask Alan sometime about Mom’s rendition of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.  I am allowed to comment on this because I got dad’s brains and mom’s voice!  M.G. got sick at church and vomited all night also my back hurt.

Mom’s diarys are so full of interesting stories that I could not let this one go without sharing it.

Date 4/10/68
Mombasa, Kenya

This afternoon when the men finished with their work we took the kids to swim in the “Sun & Sand Motel” on the way home, the kids played a game of counting women who were bare-chested.  They said, “We will count women and multiply by 2.”  I am sure there are moments in all moms’ lives that they are proud of their sons.  This moment although amusing was most likely not one of those for mom!  However, let’s look on the bright side of the story Alan and Ken were getting to work on their times tables!  On a side note according to the web link show here the Sun & Sand has had a makeover extraordinaire. 

2 thoughts on “April 10th

  1. Eddie

    If Alan doesn’t comment now that his conversion has been lined up with a counting of mammaries…then he never will.

  2. I enjoyed reading your story. Please join our minister’s kid community at http://www.ministerskid.com!


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