April 9th

Date 4/9/80
Limuru & “The Ark
This morning when we got up it was raining.  We left home about 8:30am.  We stopped in Nyeri so that Mamaw and the Lingenfelters could see Baden Powell’s grave.
  Mamaw, is our families name for Dad’s mother.  At this time she was close to 80 years old and had come over to Africa to visit us.  She ended up staying with us for about six months and really had the time of her life.  The Lingenfelters were some friends from the US that also came to visitHe was the founder of the Boy Scout movement.  We got to the Aberdare Country Club about 11:30am.  The lunch there was good as usual.  We saw a leopard at the Ark.  This was our first one to see in the wild.   How about that by this time we had been in Africa 15 years and this is mom’s first leopard in the wild.  One of the great things about living in Kenya was the abundance of wild life.  Both Alan and I can say we have seen a variety of animals in the wild, some closer than others, something that other people only dream about. We saw one elephant.  The link takes you to one of my favorite artists elephant paintings.  His name is David Shepherd.  I’m glad for Mamaw & the Lingenfelters had not seen one.  Today’s headlines in the “nation” said that smoking was banned in public places.  What more can I say about this except that Kenya is on the cutting edge of the societal revolution.  Of course, no one paid any attention to the ban just like they do here.

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