April 8th

Date 4/8/79
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to church first at Kibubuti and then went on to Kentmere.
  Dad was kind of a circuit preacher between 13-15 villages.  He would try to visit them once or twice a month to help the local pastors with any problems.  When he got out of church, the car wouldn’t start.  After trying several things he discovered that the kids had put a corn cob in the exhaust pipe.  Kids are kids the world over.  This has to be the one of the few stable things in this world.  I went to Kamirithu to the women’s meeting. I had to take two loads for Cherry couldn’t take her car.  Cherry was the speaker for the program.  We had to walk part of the way for the road was too muddy to drive the car into the place where we were meeting.  Vance and Cherry Kirkpatrick served with my folks in Kenya.  On a side note Vance makes excellent smoked ribs.  Tonight Sampson Kisia was the speaker at the English service.  On Sunday evenings we would have an English speaking service for the local missionaries and their families.  Several firsts happened at these meetings not the least of which was Alan’s first sermon and my first magic show.  Tonight we got Charlie on the ham radio.  He had talked to Alan, but Alan could not be there.  Charlie had a short wave radio here in the US.  We used it for communicating with our family while we were in the Dark Continent.  Dad got his ham license while we were on furlough and then we built an antenna outside the house so we could talk to the USA.  Many stories have their roots in and around the ham radio and dad “working barefoot in the shack!”  He was going someplace with his teacher about soil samples.  He said that Alan would be at his place on Easter Friday.  Alan majored in Plant and Soil Science at UT.  Why he chose this major is still a mystery to me because he hates to garden and science is like a foreign language to him.  But who am I to talk because I majored in Industrial Education and now I am a self proclaimed computer geek!

1 thought on “April 8th

  1. Eddie

    I’m just trying to picture the Kenyans standing around watching your dad build a radio antenna. There’s no telling what white devilry they thought was going on there.

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