April 7th

Date 4/7/77
Limuru, Kenya

This morning Peter worked outside most of the time.  He took nails from the crates and put the lumber in the Uganda truck.  Peter was our house helper after the Robert Ali era.  There is so much more on that we will cover later on that era.  Peter was good at, as Seinfeld would say, “taking a reservation” it was the “holding the reservation” that gave him the most trouble.  It rained most of the day.  I fixed some barbecued ribs for lunch. I opened my first packet of sour cream mix and we put on a baked potato.  Most of you would not think that opening a pack of sour cream mix would be exciting enough to put in your diary.  In Africa anything American was noteworthy no matter how small or insignificant.  We heard today that Gwen Payne’s father was very ill.  They are on a trip to Lamu.  Gwen Payne was a missionary on the field with us.  Whenever a loved one gets ill the fact that you are 10,000 miles away weighs very heavy on your mind.  The fellow missionaries become your extended family and to this day I still call them Uncle and AuntThis afternoon we had coffee at Mildred’s house.  Mildred Cagle also served on the field with us.  M.G. continued laying the carpet today.  Evidently dad wanted to have a skill he could fall back on if the missionary gig did not pan out.  The East African Safari started today.  The East African Safari was the closest thing to NASCAR we had in Kenya.  Dad even worked one of the checkpoints one year and we got to see things first hand!

2 thoughts on “April 7th

  1. Eddie

    What is a Uganda truck? Was it a truck heading to Uganda or a certain type of vehicle?

  2. margiesmanna

    I can only assume it was a truck heading for Uganda.

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