April 6th

Date 4/6/68
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning I went to town to get my hair done and to do a bit of shopping.
  Visiting the beauty shop in Kenya, always an adventure because you never knew what the results would be.  Evidently this trip turned out well because there were no tear stains on the rest of the diary pageI had Simeon to do up all the dirty hunting clothes.  When we got home from town, Robert had left early.  Robert Ali was a local who helped us in our yard.  He later graduated to housework.  I am sure we will revisit some of the many Robert stories during the next year!  This afternoon M.G. and I ground some of the warthog meat and made some sausage.  Also, we ground up the zebra meat.  That’s right wart hog and zebra, consumed with the greatest of pleasure.  Wampler’s sausage it was not but it was not bad for getting by.  We read in the papers today that Martin Luther King had been killed.  We were sorry to hear this for this will really stir up the riots in the U.S.A.  Even in Kenya we tried to keep up with news from the USA.  Sometimes this news could be as much as a week late.  A far cry from the instant communication we “enjoy?” today!  Tonight we were invited to eat supper with the Moons.  They are Americans out here with AID.  She had some fish that he had caught.  Also, he gave M.G. some slides of their fishing trip.  He gave us some big lemons from one of the experiment farms.

4 thoughts on “April 6th

  1. Tracey Murry

    I think this is a wonderful tribute to your Mother and I enjoy getting a first hand account of life on the mission field. Keep up the good work and I will watch for the new postings daily. Tracey

  2. Gene

    Ken this is great .Wish some in my family had had this foresite- but the paper trails are many. The food was probably more wholesome that what culd be bought from the stores. Keep it coming . I look forward to this each day. Your Friend Gene

  3. Rebecca McBride

    Tracey sent this to me. What an awesome tribute to your mother! I read most of this to Bobby……he was very interested in the snake too! I look forward to reading this and keeping up with the things you and your brother got in to and how your family followed the Lord. I did not know that your mother had passed away. She already sounds like one special lady.
    See you Sunday!

  4. Angela

    Thanks for the pub on Wampler’s sausage. I bet they would love to have the recipe at the plant for Zebra. I bet it would sell well in L.C. I am really enjoying Margiesmanna. What a legacy she left you. You truly are the most creative and talented in your field! I know your Mom would be extremely proud of you today. What a testimony she must have been. Keepup the great work.
    See you Easter!
    Your running buddy,

    p.s. Has the soreness left from the run Sunday? Congrats on your finish in the 1/2 marathon!

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