April 5th

Date 4/5/78
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. tried to explain to me about the different time zones.
  I am not sure what sparked this conversation but of this I am sure, that after the explanation from Marshall my mom probably said “ok” and still went on not having a clue how time zones worked.  Mom was a whiz at some things but science and its kin where not her strong suits!  Then he tried on the clothes that Margie let him have which were Dallas’s.  He was trying to decide which ones he wanted.  Dad trying on clothes!  Fashion show in Africa.  Dallas and Margie Batemen were our next door neighbors in Limuru.  Quality clothes were in such short supply that after Dallas passed away Margie gave his clothes to dad to see if he could wear them.  I had an hour of Swahili with James.  I know you are familiar with the Apostle Paul’s thorn in the flesh.  Swahili was my mom’s thorn.  We get to Africa in 1965 and yet in 1978 she is still trying to learn the language!  On a far more important side note.  In 1982 my mom was told that her cancer had spread to her lungs.  I came home from school to find her in the bed doing her devotions in Swahili.  I asked her why she was doing her devotions in Swahili when she knew that she would never return to Kenya.  She looked me right in the eye and said “How do I know that God won’t decide to heal me of this and if He does I want to be ready!”  That day I saw yet another example of true faithAbout 11:30 the Rheas and a couple named Jones from Jacksonville, Fl. came by for awhile.  The Rhea’s were working in Kenya with Campus Crusade for ChristAlf and Tim have been asked to do a commercial for Coca Cola!  Alf Rhea and Tim Tidenberg got this sweet deal by looking like an Americans drinking Coke at a local hotel one day!  M.G. repaired Harold Cummins projector for him today.  Dad was always fixing things for other missionaries even when we went on “vacation” he would take his tool box and fix something while we were gone.  Tonight while I was cutting M.G.’s hair, an earth tremor came.  Margie’s Barber shop had but one customer, Marshall Duncan, because he had so little hair that you could not mess up!  I can say that with impunity because I also have follicle impairment!  The whole house shook.  The people attending the Kenya Convention rushed out of the building.

2 thoughts on “April 5th

  1. Eddie

    I’ve always appreciated that story about your mom’s studying Swahili during her last days when you’ve told it before. I’m in perfect health and find trouble making time to study my French.

  2. Aunt Margie

    I’ve been following your most interesting and well done blog about your remarkable mother, Ken. We all knew she was keeping a diary but only realized how valuable it would be to all of you after she died. What a legacy! She was a tremendous person and loved by everyone, missionaries and Africans alike. I have so many memories, but the “Duncan doughnuts” were always special because she shared them so willingly and we all knew they were the ‘original Duncan doughnuts’. Your parents were so attentive to our family after Uncle Dallas died and I’ll be forever grateful to them.

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