April 4th

Date 4/4//66
Mombasa, Kenya
Simeon and I washed clothes this morning.
  Simeon was our house helper in Mombasa.  These were local folks that we hired to help around the house.  These were highly sought after jobs because the pay was so high.  I made some brownies for lunch.  My mom was a fantastic cook which you could guess by looking at any of the men in the Duncan family.  She always used this as part of her ministry from delivering food to families to teaching the local Africans new and different recipes.  Tonight was station meeting and we met down at the Travis home.  Station meetings were much like meetings you have at the office.  Plans for ministry were made, discussed, and implemented.  They also served as a social gatherings and/or get togethers for our missionaries who were halfway around the globe from their families.  Bob and Joann Travis were missionaries in Mombasa with my mom and dad.  She served us fruit cake from America and ice cream that she had made.  Fruit cake from America!  Now you have concrete evidence of how much hardship your missionaries face to spread the Good News!  Dot Scott was visiting at the Travis home.  Dot Scott was a missionary to Mbeya, TanzaniaSimeon kept our boys and he went to his house to use the bath room and Alan got up and came in here and missed him and became scared.  He woke Kenny up, but Ken said, “Alan, be brave!”  Alan Duncan is my older brother and he evidently started depending on my intellect at an early age.  Then Alan and Ken said that Simeon got the broom and looked under all the beds.  Ken Duncan probably set up this search as an elaborate scheme to stay up later than normal.

2 thoughts on “April 4th

  1. Bob Allen


    This is great. We didn’t arrive in Kenya until 1987 so didn’t know Margie except by reputation — which was great. Linda and I do know your dad and stepmom (and Alan). You’ve commented about your mom’s cooking — from what I understand, Marshall is no slouch in the kitchen, either. Linda has talked about breakfast at his house in Kericho.

    Bob Allen
    CESA Region Richmond Associate

  2. margiesmanna

    My Mom was a great cook. My new Mom is a great cook. My Dad is a great cook. My Wife is a great cook. Alas, my brother can burn water!

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