April 3rd

Date 4/3/81
Malindi and Kikambala, Kenya
You mean to tell me that while I am slaving away at my education at UT my folks are off tripping the lights fantastic on the beautiful coast of Kenya!

This morning we left Malindi soon after breakfast.  We went by the market and bought us some mangos.  We stopped by the cashew place and bought some cashews for the doctor out at R.V.A.  This is the boarding school where Alan and I went thru High School.  I am fairly sure we will hear more of these stories later.  We got to Ed and Mary’s place about 10:15am.  Ed and Mary Horton were missionaries in Kenya.  Ed, M.G., and Jay took our car into Mombasa to have the tail pipe worked on.  Jay Horton, AKA Casper to those of us who knew him.  They came back for lunch around 1:30 and then went back into town.  Right before lunch a snake fell out of the tree near Jay and he had started into the house to get his pellet gun and there was another one at the door so they killed it with a panga and then went to shoot another one that was in the tree.  M.G. was the one who actually shot it.  M.G. worked on Helen’s washer while they were in Mombasa.  Eagle Eye Marshall, that’s my dad, he can shoot snakes and fix machines all in the same day!  Mary and I went out on the reef and found 12 shells.  We boiled them and I cleaned the stuff out of them.  Mom cleaned the shells not a task for the squeamish I have heard.  We had a delicious supper- steak, shrimp cocktail, baked potato and salad.  Hopefully we did not also serve the aforementioned stuff cleaned out of said shells for supper!  I worked on my quilt again tonight.

7 thoughts on “April 3rd

  1. Eddie

    Do we think the snake “fell” or made a great daring leap in a failed attack attempt? And what sort of snake are we talking about here?

  2. Jonathan

    Aside from the puzzling question that Eddie has posed about the snake’s intentions… I am just elated that Kenny is educating us all with picture photos of the fruit, like my childhood picture books!

  3. Brenda Duncan Moore

    Hey Kenny,
    What a great idea! You are doing a great job so far and I expect as the days go on you will get even better at this. When I think of Aunt Margie, the first thing that comes to my mind is her great big smile, her wonderful laugh, and her awesome sense of humor. She was always a lot of fun for me to be around as I was growing up. I remember when Mom and Dad told me that you all were moving away to Africa how very sad I was that we would not get to spend time with you any more. But I am sooo glad your family obeyed the Lord and went. It was always such a treat when you all came home on furlough. That is until I got left babysitting. 🙂 That Alan was somethin’ else! Anyway, look forward to hearing more.
    Love ya,

  4. margiesmanna

    Glad you are enjoying the blog! Looks like Dad is even getting into the mix with a comment or two. Although I can’t be sure it is him because he, being a preacher, has never been known as a man of few words!

  5. Bob Allen

    Shoot! Knowing Alan, that snake was not attacking but had heard of him and had flung itself from the tree to get as far away as possible!

    Bob Allen

  6. margiesmanna

    You have heard my brother speak haven’t you!

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