The Introduction

April 2nd will soon be upon us and the excitement is building here at margiesmanna!  Please feel free to use the comment section to record your special memories of Margie Duncan, or the memories of those special people in your life.

5 thoughts on “The Introduction

  1. Eddy, Cindy and Addie Brooks

    Wish we had known your mom.

  2. margiesmanna

    Eddy, Cindy, et al Brooks,
    One of the great things about this blog is that you will get to know more about Mom and me through out the year. More than likely you will learn much more about me than you ever wanted to know!

  3. Rosalind Harrell

    Thanks so much Kenny for sharing your Mom’s diary. She was a wonderful friend and as Jesus said of Nathaniel — a person in whom is no guile. Your hilarious observations make for good reading as well. Reminds me of the time your family and ours were at the coast together. We adults left the cottage to go walk on the beach and you, sitting on the porch, excalimed, “Well there go the varicose vein gang!.”

  4. Kenny,
    I am looking forward to reading more of your mom’s dairy. What a precious gift she left all of you. Both of your parents were some of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever known. Do you know that your mom is the only missionary near RVA that ever thought of inviting me to come and have lunch with you all and get off of campus and spend a little time in real family life? That meant more to me than you will ever know. I was so often so very lonely at RVA, I needed that time with your family…your mom filled my stomach but also filled my heart with that little extra love that I needed. When I think of your mom, and my memories throught out the years of her, I recall her kindness. It permiated her entire being. Even as a Teenager, you were also a very kind person Kenny! What an inheritance she left you–Godly kindness, and now your wife and children get to benefit from this very same DNA.

  5. Joyce Bass


    This is GREAT!!! I can’t wait to start reading and enjoy hearing from everyone else. You guys were great to us when we first arrived at Brackenhuert. What a day that was!! You guys were our HOST Family, going to teach us everything that a missionary needs to know. WOW! Did your Mom ever teach me alot! You guys took us in and loved us, fed us, cried with us went places and introduced us to much! Your Dad still talks about me holding a hanky over my nose at the Nairobi Fish Market. Your Mom taught me to cut up a chicken,(not destroy it), make mayonaise, buttermilk and many other important things. Again, thanks for these precious memories. They are good for the SOUL!

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