Our Mission…

hope and joy pic

Everyone has a story, you do and I do… however my favorite part of any story is what goes on behind the scenes, the back story so to speak. The idea for this great adventure came to me along about the year 2008. I was working at the University of Tennessee Athletic Department on their IT staff and discovered I had a knack for drawing on a computer. Of course, by drawing I mean tracing, I can assure you I am no Rembrandt! I proceeded to use videos and instructions from the internet to train myself and hone this talent. About the same time, my father and step-mom retired for the 2nd time and purchased a condo here in Knoxville. Dad has always been known for his ability to fix anything, while on the mission field in Kenya we always carried a toolbox in our car and literally wherever we went Dad was fixing something! I am sure part of the reason he exercised this gift was that we lived in Africa and truthfully it was harder to replace an item than it was to fix it! I am equally sure he also saw this ability as ways and means to serve his brothers and sisters along life’s highway. As my father has aged he has lost the ability and mobility to go and fix things. With the loss of this skill, it seems he has also lost a piece of his life that he can never regain. I saw this happen and decided to develop a hobby/craft that would only need a computer, a vivid imagination, some limber fingers, and electricity to exercise. In 2014 an integral piece of the puzzle came into place! Glowforge, ( https://glowforge.us/r/lrHtGW ) introduced a home laser cutter onto the market. Well, to be precise, they introduced the idea onto the market and offered people a chance to help them launch the product at a later date. I saw the idea and prototype and knew this could be one of the cogs in the machine that would help empower my latter years! My sweet wife and I received our unit along about March of 2018 and I have spent many an hour training myself on this amazing machine in our back office at the house.  Now the hub of operations has moved to my barn and we even have a sign on the door!


I want to invite you, my client to imagine, create, and enjoy along with me. The one of a kind works of art we create can and will instantly become family heirlooms! Interestingly enough while we create something that will fill in your back story, you will, in turn, become part of my back story!

I look forward to working with you as we bring your project to life!